You may be tempted to shop online or go to a bigger market, but buying local benefits our local community by providing revenue, jobs, and community connections.

You now have the opportunity to control not only how you spend your valuable money and your time. Simply let us work for you, commit to serving you more seriously, and give us a chance to beat or match any competitor outside of Weber County, and we’ll do that as a commitment to be loyal to our community and those who live here.

By allowing our auto dealer association to work with you, you are allowing yourself to become a more active member of the local community.

Our association works with local car dealerships, and we aim to uplift the standards of living within the community. Therefore, on top of making car sales easier for you, we find ways to be of significant service to Weber County.

Our goal is to drive tax revenue back to our community; you contribute to more dollars, more jobs, and more connections in the community when you let us work for you. Having said that, trust us to find the exact new or used car model you are looking for.

When you make the decision to purchase within the boundaries of our community at one of our participating dealers, your tax dollars will stay right here in Weber County where they belong.

Where you decide to shop for your next vehicle has a major impact on the local economy. Local money support local jobs supporting local neighbors.

When you buy your vehicle locally you also create a relationship with somebody that’s involved in your community, that’s donating to the local schools or charity groups.